Stankmen Update 1 + Roadmap

2017-05-05 17:59:22 by AirBiscuit

The first update for Stankmen:Pube is live now. It adds in:

  • A secondary machine gun that should make it easier to survive the higher waves (B / Right Click)
  • Pickups for both health and ammo, which add 1/3rd of your health and 30 more bullets respectively
  • Some UI fixes
  • A change to the control system, where the speed you travel/turn at is proportinal to the amount of input

Give it a go here:



With those out of the way there are only a few more things left to add in that I didn't get into the original upload in time for Pico day:

  • A main menu
  • Dialogue/Voice
  • UI animations
  • Boss waves

But those are less high on the priority list than better gameplay was.